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The flight i desperately needed a motor and didnt have one

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Whilst not a motoring video and only short, it does have some information that is useful when bombing out near water that is certainly relevant to all paraglider pilots. If i had known of these things 2 years ago a 45 minute spell in cold ocean waters and a rescue helicopter ride would not have been necessary.


One thing to note, this is a high performance 2 liner wing with a 7:1 aspect ratio...so milking lift in light conditions whilst looking for a bombout is much easier to do than on lower end gliders.  The critical points remain the same though. Hope this may be of use to others in the future who may encounter a nasty water bombout option and in the heat of the moment are required to quickly plan the final descent and landing.


If i were faced with this particular spot landing in a motor, i would unbuckle my harness and attempt to land in the water crosswind, however free flying, whilst scary, its much easier and a lot more doable than you may think.


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