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Newbie - want to learn to fly near Bedfordshire?

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Hi All,

Just done my first sky dive with skydivedubai and wanted to do my licence in skydiving however I'm now considering paramotoring looks like it could offer more. 

Where can I get started near Bedfordshire and how much toughlybto complete? And then any recommendations on what bulk package to buy to get me started but not having to upgrade soon after

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Hi Nick,

@Clive Mason is not far. And as far as kit is concerned, I would wait until you have learnt. But everyone and his mother will say their kit is the best. Learn to fly, speak with others on the field and go from there. And this is coming from someone who bought the full kit before learning and sold it for something else before even putting fuel in it.

Good luck and welcome to the sport.


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And to be honest Simon, now I'm a few flights in, the weight issue compared to the the Zenith, would have done me fine. I just wanted the shiny new toy :)

@Nick_Beds I guess I forgot to say, although Clive was close and also has a great reputation in the paramotor industry, I chose to travel to Membury and train with @admin (Simon W)

Wish I wrote the training blog now. Wonder if I could retrospectively do it...


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