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training sofar and first flight on my own gear

Sandy J

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Well, I have been trying to learn to fly paramotors now it seems for months but the UK weather has been so fickle. Often would just manage to get an hour or two in then days when there was no training due to the weather! Lots of hard work in the early days but soon under the guidance of Colin and Simon I was learning to to use technique rather the muscle power. Now at my age (soon to be 55) muscle power is not too bountiful, so technique it has to be. 

First two flights were on the school Zenith and Dudek Universal wing. The first takeoff was particularly hairy and I felt a huge relief as I was lifted airbourne by the wing. Takeoff number two was much better.

Now I have my own motor and wing. (Parajet Maverick and Dudek Universal 28) Had my third flight today. Brilliant take off and got around 25 minutes airbourne flying around Membury. At one point I flew over then along the M4. It felt surreal looking down on the cars and lorries below, they looked like match box toys! I practiced a few approaches with Simon on the radio then he said "OK go around now and make an approach your on your own I am not going to talk to you anymore" Anyway the approach was good but Simon did not keep to his word. He piped up and said "don't forget to kill the motor":)

So I put flight number 3 into the log book. Felt more connected to the wing this time too. Fantastic experience and training from both Simon and Colin. The training is ongoing ofcourse and I will often take advantage of listening to Colin or Si as they tutor a new pupil, I always remain silent but have picked up a few hints that fell through the memory net so to speak. Would have gone for flight number 4 but the wind was beginning to gust so I decided that I was good, my equipment was good why take any risk. Flight number 4 can happen on another day. There will always be another flyable day.

Thanks Si and Colin for making this happen.


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On 16/09/2017 at 11:25, kiwi k said:

Well done Sandy did you buy the Uni 1.1 ?, and the saying is "better to be on the ground wishing you were flying, than be flying wishing you were on the ground" they'll always be another day, 

Yes I brought the Universal 1.1. It is 28 meters. Real easy inflation and take off:)

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