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  1. It's a bugger for sure is ere' weather. My last lesson with 'The Boy Westmore' was about a month ago. ?
  2. Nice one Sandy - still want to talk to you about your mic set up at some stage as it was really good on your YouTubee vid
  3. It's said we Brits have an unhealthy pre-occupation with the weather. I'm not one to weather watch, but having signed up to fly ppg with 'The Boy Westmore' I've developed a sudden fascination for it. Right now I'm sat in the back garden iPad in hand looking skyward to identify what types of cloud are overhead. We've had three days of glorious weather but that is due to change tomorrow with rain forecast for 8am. Looking skyward currently I appear to be looking at cirrocumulus, with another layer of cloud above it that is almost a continuous sheet that stops occasionally with more cirrocumulus. I would take a photo to share and but don't want to derail 'The Boy Westomores' excellent thread - genuinely never thought watching could be so interesting! EDIT: think the almost continuous layer of cloud above the cirrocumulus might be cirrostratus given it's somewhat opaque 'see through' quality. Ian
  4. Eeeek! Wondering weather(!) haha paramotoring is for me now... ? Still can't wait to start...
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