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Moster cooling shroud - do they work?

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I`d like to try one, but i`m sceptical of their effectiveness - especially on my motor as the prop`s hub sits the prop blades a good few inches away from the cylinder head well away from where the shroud would be.

They`re a bit spendy at 140 quid (anyone have one for sale?), so before trying does anyone have one fitted that can provide before and after results?

My motor runs at about 220 degrees, which is quite high for sustained moderate throttle/level flight...





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I have one that I have never fitted (not selling it though) as it will eventually go on the motor when it's for sale. 

Just saying, never fitted it, no problems x 2 moster engines in the School. :-) 

Main reason for not fitting to the school machines is that it's something else to break in the event of an accidental tumble and as you say, £140 is allot of money for that part.  


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Hi Simon.

Yep, in the school environment where flight endurance and fuel consumption isn`t a priority but reliability is you can run the Moster at factory carb settings (leave them be!) and it`ll run at a cool ~180 degrees all day long and last forever.

As soon as you tweak the mixture though the temps rise rapidly...

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I made some of the first ones in the UK, they make a good difference. Moster heat was often due to heavier pilots on smaller wings, or those wanting some efficiency from the engine and leaning the carb a little. The shroud made anywhere from 20-40 degrees reduction on the ones we tested when combined with engine cooling prop.


220 is not high. We had posters hitting 270-280 with large pilots and with the cowling and the new props it came down to 230-240.

With a cowling though you can tune the engine a little sweeter so its less boggy, does not foul the plug quite so much and improves economy, so unless you are 75kg or less I would always fit the cowling. Thats just my opinion and results from a few years back.

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