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Riser width.

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Can anyone help please with a general inquiry regarding how far apart the carabiners should be, presumably when the wing is originally rated? 

I've not been able to find anything in the manual for my wing, and have been told that it may be an industry standard figure, but no luck so far on a google search. The figure of 350mm has been mentioned, but so has 'from your elbow to your fist' which I don't think will be in any of the technical details:).

Any help is much appreciated.


PS. For all newbies out there, this site offers incredible help and advice in my opinion. I started looking at this nearly 20 years with no internet and not a lot in the way of information. The support here is pretty much unparalleled.

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Hi Alan


If you have a certified wing the the distance between the risers is often published in the certification report. It can vary somewhere between 40 and 46 cm if you read the recent reports (try https://para-test.com/reports). Elbow to fist is a reasonable distance which you can use when setting up a paragliding harness (you'll probably find your elbow fist distance is about this). If you make it a bit narrower you'll reduce the bumpiness when flying at the expense of more twist probability if it goes wrong.


In a paramotor it doesn't really matter does it? The distance is fixed unless you can somehow adjust the distance on your harness.




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On ‎07‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 09:51, AndyB said:

I think there is an error in their test book.....

Test for letting speed-bar off suddenly:  Dive forward angle on exit dive forward less than 360° ....... gets an A rating.

I hope I never get 360 !!!!! 

Oh, I dunno.  That would be a reverse loop (a bunt), which would look pretty spectacular, especially as I suspect the pilot would involuntarily initiate the equivalent of "smoke on" during the process.  I'd be more concerned about a 180° where the manoeuvre terminates with the pilot left vertically above the wing, which could prove a tad tricky to recover from ...

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