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  1. Really interesting type of info Chris. May I ask the name of the site where I could get it please? Guy
  2. I have a son who is a consultant in A & E. It is the quietest period for the 10 years that he has worked there........not being overwhelmed in that department. The small airstrip that I fly from has been closed by the operator during the lockdown so I don't have to worry about making a decision, it's already been made for me.
  3. Looks tidy.....enjoy your your trike.
  4. I agree with the consensus. It is a perfect day to go flying here in Shropshire and it is eating me up not to go to the field, but I guess it's simply one sacrifice we have to make for the good of the sport. I'll just have to settle with playing with the RC Heli in the garden
  5. Keep us posted with this Andy......very interesting. I love my trike
  6. Or you could consider a 2 seat paratrike......the aerochute / hummerchute. Dead easy set up, but a microlight licence needed and more regulation
  7. I have now got details of the diameter and pitch I need but can anyone recommend somebody who may be able to make one please? Guy
  8. I believe that Simon talked about a syllabus for trikes some time ago but I don't know if it ever got finalized. Good luck
  9. Looks tidy. Have you done a hang test yet and what wing do you have for it?
  10. I've recently acquired a rotax 447 paratrike, but it is the original Romain 2 blade heavy (and very noisy) 2 blade prop. I would like to replace it with something quieter as I really don't want to annoy those on the ground. Does anyone have anything suitable for sale, or even able to suggest appropriate diameter and pitch requirements for that engine? Jock has said that he had an Arplast 3 blade at around 125 - 130 diameter on one of his earlier machines so I may need to look for something like that. Any ideas gratefully received. Guy
  11. Thanks for the replies Mark and Andy. I'll definitely be staying as I am .....no wish to burn anything down but certainly not my flying machine (as my family refer to it). Stay safe, Guy
  12. Not directly related to this thread, but on a 'similar' line from someone who has NIL understanding of electricity. I start my trike mounted Rotax 503 with electric start, but to keep the battery size to an acceptable size and weight it is only 4 amps. This just about turns the motor when cold so to give a bit of ooomph when starting for the first time I add a jump start with a 7 amp LiPo. Th2 combinedd turns the motor really well so that I can warm it all up nicely. Then after attaching the trike to the wing (the engine still being warm) the 4 amp battery is quite sufficient. BUT, given that the engine is charging the battery while it is running, would I be able to fit the LiPo directly to the charging system of the engine and do away with the jump start? I've kept away from this to date as I have no wish to start a fire at any time, never mind in the air. I have been told that a LiPo can be charged this way but obviously it isn't a balanced charging system when charged by the engine. Any ideas?
  13. I saw a very brief headline on BBC Midlands news about a local chap who was attempting to complete this in a record 3 days, but have heard nothing further since. Does anyone know who he is or how he got on? Even with a tail wind that is some motoring.........I wonder what his kit is? Looks like he was doing it in a trike.
  14. PS. It may be cheaper than changing the wing.
  15. I'm 10 1/2 stone and 63 years old, so I launch with a trike...........it' so much easier (for me). Consider it.
  16. Hi Andy, Very rough and bumpy you say. I must admit to still feeling a little nervous in those conditions. I went up yesterday mid morning.....lovely and smooth at 1500 ft but really rough around 200 ft coming in to land. I'm keen to know how the wing coped with it. Presumably no tucks / collapse in the rough air. I fly an Ozone and really have confidence in it.
  17. LOL. The one I mentioned did however include an engine and a wing. I still don't think that's too bad a price for being able to get airborne. On another note I have a friend who is toying with either a floppy wing or a flexwing trike. It'll be interesting to see what sways him one way or the other.
  18. My trike is the same as the aerochute, albeit older. It was originally made by a company called Powerchute in Herefordshire. They went bust and the Australians bought the design and have been making them ever since. Yes you're right, they are expensive. I have a friend selling on older 2 seat kestrel at around £2,500 but that will have with it the older square powered parachute wing. Very easy though to convert the head plate to a paraglider 2 hang point system. I'll hang fire on the wing for the time being but hope to get to see you before long.
  19. Not yet. I've been in touch with Chris who will let me know if he gets one in.
  20. Thanks Jock, I like the idea of a speedster 33. Now a few years old, has anyone got one in good condition that might be for sale?
  21. Ps. I may be wrong about the use of brakes with extended trimmers. Is this only dangerous if also applying speed bar?
  22. The trike that I fly has very high hang points.......comfortably above head height. That means I need to use brake lines that have been carefully lengthened to accommodate this, but the trimmers are almost out of reach so not easily adjusted in flight. If I were to put the wing into full reflex by letting out the trimmers it would be unsafe to rely on the brakes for turning and I would need to use the wing tip steering, but these are also well out of reach. Not therefore practical for me. Some might say change the trike, but for me it is the one thing I would not change. It is very stable on the ground with a very low centre of gravity and a wide wheel base. I could probably get away with simply reducing the size of the wing in order to increase the airspeed but with very few suggestions coming forward perhaps I will have to be prepared to put up with gently 'floating around' at 25 mph or thereabouts.
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