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doctors note?

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I am new to paramotoring and am deciding whether I should paraglide or motor. I have a quick question.....Do I need to get my doctor to fill out any forms to train with PMC, I only ask because I haven't seen my doctor in years and and I'm not keen on starting.


Thanks for all you help.....incidentally, Parafest 2017 was fantastic!

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thats cool, I have already done the Elementary pilot pg with a bhpa school, and was going to complete my training to club standard, then convert to power. But there are two things that I don't like:

It seems easier to to go straight to a PMC school and do power with them straight.....not wasting any more time with paragliding which I wouldn't do as I could only buy 1 wing.

And secondarily, I know that with a bhpa school, I need my doctor to fill out a medical certificate to get a PPG, I know it seems weird, but don't want my doctor involved, Ive not seen him for 20 years after he screwed up my mums treatment.

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