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First morning flight today..

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I`ve done nearly 100 flights since starting this PPG malarkey but today was my first ever early morning flight, and it was superb!

I wasn`t expecting to be able to fly for another few weeks at least due to the grass on the field being too long but on a recent dog walk i heard distant tractor activity - could it be?

Yes! They were baling up and shifting the bales away, excellent - great timing as the weekends` weather was looking blindin`.

Got up early today and took off about 7a.m.

The virtually nil-wind still-air launch was a no-drama first-time effort due to the super-cooperative Apco Lift EZ and i was away - only to see my right-hand wing tip folded up in a `cravat`..

A few tugs with the brake line made no improvement so i turned around and prepared to land. In another effort i got hold of the stabilo line and gave that a pull and out it popped..

Not one bump or jolt was to be felt the entire flight, really smooth air and a good speed was attained on both out and back legs - 67 miles in total.

Visability was really good and the coastal  landscape looked very different lit from an eastern sunrise rather than the evening sun that i`m used to.

Landed at about half nine just before the breeze got up and the thermals started kicking off, and i`ve got the rest of the day to relax after a great start to the weekend.

One of the reasons i`ve never flown in the morning is i`m always aware of the motor`s noise - not everyone appreciates that...

I kept high and maintained a steady engine speed in an effort to reduce my presence - i think i got away with it.

I might even do it all again this evening, and/or tomorrow morning as well, i`m liking this early morning flying, it`s nice knowing you`re not going to run out of light and it gets warmer, not colder!


Cheers, Hann.



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....and another epic flight today!

Same again - took off at 7a.m. and landed at 9:40, 69 miles.

Due to the perfect weather i was able to fly a route i have wanted to do for a long time - circumnavigate around some local airspace.

I have got half way around this particular route before several times (not planning on completing it) and thought that the distance was too ambitious, but i managed it today easily, even having enough time and fuel in reserve to do some local bimbling about stuff,too..

Morning flights for the win (except in winter, probably)!

10K altitude attempt next?

Pic from today;


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