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New to PPG - Trying to figure out a good setup

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Hello, I'm brand new to the sport of paramotoring. I'm still in the planning stages and have not yet had any training, but I'm looking to the future and trying to figure out the best setup for me. So far, I'm looking at Scout for a motor. I've heard and seen a lot of good things from them. I'm leaning towards the Carbon cage over the Enduro, though I'm not sure if that's the best choice. For the actual motor, I'm looking at either the Moster Plus or Pollini Thor 190. I'm roughly 210 lbs and I'm looking for something with good power and lots a thrust while at the same time maintaining respectable fuel consumption. Definitely don't want a gas hog. As for what I foresee my style of flying to be, I don't see myself doing a whole lot of acro, at least that's not my main objective right now. I think I'm going to be more of a cross country/long distance/sight seeing type of flyer. There's a lot of mountains, forests, and lakes to explore in my area so that's primarily what I'd like to do. (I'm at roughly 500 feet above sea level, but I'd definitely be traveling to places that are ~5000 feet above sea level, if that makes a difference when flying)

As for wings, after doing some research, I thought the Ozone MojoPWR looked like it'd be good to start with. It's rated as a EN A Beginner/Intermediate so that sounds about right, at least as far as I can tell. The Ozone Kona is my 2nd choice, but it's rated as an EN B Beginner/Intermediate. Not sure how much of a difference that makes. But again, my main focus to start with is just sight seeing. At least until I build up some solid skills and experience. 

Anyway, for my goals and what I've laid out here, do these sound like good places to start? What are your thoughts on the Carbon vs Enduro, Moster Plus vs Pollini Thor 190, and the MojoPWR wing vs Kona, etc?





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Hi and welcome to the Paramotor club :-) 

I can't comment on the Paramotors you have mentioned as I have never flown them. I would suggest that Carbon is a bad idea for spars 'or any part of the cage' so if the enduro means it's stronger and less likely to break, I would opt for that. 

As for the engines, again for me, the Moster + over the 190 based on the many hundreds of engines we see in the field. It just seems to work where as the 190 seems to need tweaking quite frequently (great if your the kind of person that like to get your spanners out)

Again, welcome to the PMC. 



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