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North East Newbie

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Having just found this site, it seems like this must have fairly recently come about, as I have been interested in paramotoring for about 3 years now but never got round to trying to find a suitable school up here in the North East.

I have no flying background whatsoever, however i am a keen learner! Motorcycling is my main hobby however I have always wanted to take to the skies!

Could anyone give any advice on where to turn first i.e do I look towards doing a course in non-powered paragliding or should I go straight into a paramotor course? Are there any in the Yorkshire/Durham area who would provide training?

Lastly, and certainly not least, I understand that Paramotoring is one of the cheapest forms of flying, however I know only too well that a hobby can swallow cash! (Motorbikes aint cheap either!) How much would it cost to include training and kit?

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I reccomend Paul Haxby in your area as a person to learn with. He is a member here so whould be in touch soon.

Kit - all the B Sh*t is (new and top end)

£2,200 wing (paraglider)

£4,000 Paramotor

£1,000 Training and bits and bobs.

Once you have this kit, you will not need to buy anything for 5 years or more.

I used to Drag Race motorbikes.... (including Gary Rothwells 320bhp Turbo bike) I know where you are coming from about the money thing.... Paramotors are 'not' a constant drain in the same way....


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Thanks Simon, am I right in thinking Paul is the founder of AXB sports? I have found their website.

On a separate note, do you think that it is best to take up paragliding first and then go into the training for paramotoring or is it just as good to take a paramotor course?

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Talk to Paul, AXB yes...

But he is of the same school as me on that front, I teach Paramotoring from the ground up no Paragliding is involved :D

Please do make sure that you let him know where you heard about him ;-)


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Hi guys

Im as new as a new born and would love to watch one of you guys take off in person, not just on you tube i live in south shields tyne and wear. And would travel to you. i have send paul haxby from axb and email im just awiting a reply on course training. i would love to meet and chat with someone about ther flights and experiences i supose i must start somewhere thanks



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