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  1. Jamie chapman

    Ground handling wing

    Thanks for replying frosty100 my instructor said the same to me, but the problem is im learning with few friends also and im not wanting them to split or tear my good wing....the basics will be the same with most wings surely but just have to work harder at it, to keep it up plus wind conditions is essential also Thanks frosty100
  2. Jamie chapman

    Ground handling wing

    Hi guys am after a cheap ground handling wing so i can practice i bought one of ebay but it never turned up so im a little dissapointed. Any of you guys have a ground wing i could purchace?
  3. Jamie chapman

    North East Newbie

    Andy do you have any youtube vids to watch by any chance cheers
  4. Jamie chapman

    North East Newbie

    Thanks andy for your reply please please will you drop me a message and u will be more than happy to travel to you. im currently waiting for paul haxby to reply about lessons hopefully i will be flying next year thanks again andy for your reply Jamie
  5. Jamie chapman

    Absolute Newbie in North East

    Hi carl did you manage to find anyone to watch take off as im the same live is south shields but would also like to see someone take off and poss a chat cheers jamie
  6. Jamie chapman

    North East Newbie

    Hi guys Im as new as a new born and would love to watch one of you guys take off in person, not just on you tube i live in south shields tyne and wear. And would travel to you. i have send paul haxby from axb and email im just awiting a reply on course training. i would love to meet and chat with someone about ther flights and experiences i supose i must start somewhere thanks Jamie