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Super mega members offer for the next 20 people who upgrade.

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Dear all,

As I am sure most of you are aware, the Paramotor Club has 2 options in terms of membership. This is a blatant shout out to those of you who use the site and find it useful and are not full members to consider upgrading.

As it stands, the full members pay for this site to be here and the regular updates and fixes that all have access to. As I have always said and been proud to deliver, the more members we have the better the site will be.

On top of that of course, the more full members we have the more fly-ins we will have (which are free if your a paid up member) :-):-) It's not unimaginable that we could have a fly-in for every month of the year if more members take the plunge!!! (seriously!)

This site is here because of the people who support it, its because of those people that we were able to develop the PMC insurance offering (which I have no doubt will also continue to develop) MASSIVE THANKS to you all! 

The Paramotor Club has come a long way, via a difficult path but it has so much further to go!! :-):-)

So as a little push incentive, the next 20 people who upgrade to that of a full membership via the link below will receive: Free entry to all our events, access to our insurance policy, a couple of free DVD's and a copy of Deano's book 'Paramotoring, the essential guide'

Physical value £60 (if you don't attend any of our events)

                       £85 (if you attend one of our events) 

                       £105 (if you attend two of our events) and so on...........

But not forgetting of course that you will be helping this site and the club to continue to develop, so I ask... Please consider upgrading (link below)


Many thanks in advance to those that do!  


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I'm going off you Si i just checked and never Joined so i have now :lol:,  thanks Kiwi.


Just checking but insurance only applies to certificated pilots yes, (Not finished training yet :sad:)

But hopefully will be making the trip to the 1st bore chaser watching .


Amendment ignore the book 

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17 hours ago, sandman said:

I love bribery, shame I am already a member HAHA 

btw Simon do you notify when membership is due for renewal ,i would hate to be a lapsed member

Its not bribery its an incentive :D, and i'm all for it as like most i frequent several forums, and No they do not survive without input from others (some financial) but there's always several who will whinge and complain when said sites crash :sad:, so now to secure most forums they have to move to paid secure locations and with a lot of human input will survive, but not everybody has the finances to sustain said forums so a little outside help does exactly that, we are all here for the same reasons and i'm sure most would Not be happy if it disappeared.


And what Si posted prompted me to check as i do like to contribute, because like said i hate seeing sites crash and then possibly disappear, we all visit because we are interested in said information on said forums.

So if a nudge is whats needed then Nudge away :P   

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It was a tongue in cheek comment and I agree 100% with you,I am sure the membership fee does not go far in the running of this site and while I am not often active I think paying the small fee is something that I do to support a site that does open up a wealth of information to sift through

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