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Reserve question

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I'm hoping someone can give me a simply logic explanation on this:

Being a bad boy I've not had my reserve checked for 10 years so trying to be good I sent it off to Aerofix to be service.

On opening the box I noticed that the two maillons are now attached to ONE maillon which goes inside the bag.  I don't want to open the chute out, but can some explain why the two strops are then fixed to the one maillon.

I have full faith in Aerofix, but a simple explanation would be very helpful for my mind??

Many thanks


(sorry for the large photo (can't reduce the size for some reason)


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You have a non-steerable reserve and so all the lines 'focus' into one. I believe it's standard and certainly the same as mine. Its why the routing of the bridle is so important... i.e. so you don't get caught in a snap deployment.

They do say to replace after 10 years! That said, I bet plenty out there have many more years than this. There is a great write about reserves up on Flybubble:



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