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Difference of propellers

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Personally i prefer the E props..  


The weight of the E prop blades are much less and will spool up the power much faster than the Helix, I have seen some quotes that Helix give out more thrust but i doubt anyone could tell the difference on the ground or in the air as it was only 2-3kg thrust difference between the two, For me the feel the quicker power delivery, fuel economy is much better with the E props, Also the E props are FULL Carbon compared to the helix's Fibre make up. 

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Morgy, the e-props are NOT full carbon. Nor are they autoclaved carbon. (I have seen the low temp polyurethane filler inside)  

Having now flown the same engine with both props I can honestly say that the difference is Sooooooo subtle that your average pilot would not notice any difference at all. 

For me, I would simply put this down to cost and go for the slightly cheeper Helix (which is also filled with polyurethane) 

The confusion is that Helix use 2 layers of 2x2 (200gm) carbon and back it up with fibreglass. 

E-prop uses 4 layers and no fibreglass but is still filled with filler. (the weight saving is because fibre glass soaks up 4 times its own weight in resin where as Carbon only soaks up about 80% of it's own weight

If ANY carbon manufacturer were to make a (true carbon prop with no filler) it would take 4 to 6 laters of 200Gm pre preg, baked in an autoclave under immense pressure. (thats your F1 carbon. A prop made this way would cost £500+ 

If it spins, and makes thrust, is balanced and fits your machine, go for it. :-) 


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