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27th Dec 16 @ Membury :-)

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Merry Christmas to everyone :-) 

This is just a little post to let people know that on the 27th (assuming the weather stays looking good) we will be at Membury Airfield for a small get together. We are happy to have 20 visiting pilots (assuming insurance is in place) to come and join us. :-)

Is there much interest? 



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well had a fantastic day a membury today ' silky smooth air to practise low flying ,perfect not to cold either. didn't get there names but two pilots xc from winchester to membury then back again ,something id like to do in the summer not winter ,

simon had a maverick there very nice and very very quite considering its has a expansion type exhaust . one pilot had to be draged away from it after demo flight he had , so this was my first winter flying session got cold towards the end but great time .

just waing for the snow now . like to fly guilford /wisley area fom barrys field .


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Aye, i managed two, hour and a quarter flights (all i could manage before the cold hands thing set in) and i dont think i`ve ever flown in such smooth air - not one bump or jolt was to be felt at all.

Must have been partly due to such high pressure? - XCW said 1045mb - never seen the graph go yellow before!

And Friday`s looking flyable,too!

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