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That new book

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Received the book , paramotoring the essential guide today had a quick look and it's good very good , this would be a good book to have if amongst other things if your not to sure how your motor works ,lots of good stuff in there with good colour pics .

treat your self it's Christmas nearly .


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Yeah, that's a great book, and I highly recommend any other book that XCShop sells :) The free flying/XC books are just amazing as well, great books that inspire. 

Jeff Goins Powered Paragliding Bible is also a must have for any ppg pilot. I don't have the latest version, but it sure taught me a lot.
 I should order the latest version to my local library. And Deans book also deserves to be there to inspire random people.

I recommend Dennis Pagens Understanding the sky. It's an advanced book, but it takes you forward step by step, so just read it, and then do it again. Not just for flying, but great for any outdoor activity. Or just so you aren't clueless about weather like the rest of the population seems to be in today's society.

Buy everything!

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