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Mounting a reserve on a Bailey V3


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Ive recently upgraded to a Bailey and Id like to mount a reserve. How have other people done it?

I have a Gin front mount with the clips on the sides but I cant see a sensible way of mounting it?

I do like how the Bailey has the velcro channel for the bridle and the carabiners in the harness though...


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I have a Bailey 175, which I believe has a very similar frame to the V3. I have my reserve front mounted with two maillons to the harness, either side of the buckle. I have the right hand side maillon tight (the side where the bridle runs up under the velcro) and the left side just finger tight so I can detach it easily to get into and out of the harness. This could be made easier with a small carabiner. It serves only to hold the weight of the reserve container and hold it in place during deployment.

Note: the reserve bridle should be connected to the harness with maillons, not carabiners. The potential shock loads are high and would require big carabiners.

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