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Island hopping.

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I know its possible,but has anyone ever been island hopping with their paramotor?I have a house in the Philippines,its the worlds second biggest archipelago after indonesia,lots of pristine uninhabited white sand beach islands that i would love to drop onto for a looksee,i used to have a rib but sometimes it was difficult to get over reefs etc,the longest distance i would like to travel is from dumaguete-siquijor,its around 30 miles straight line distance,anyone ever done it?I have a budget of £10k for kit,whats the most reliable?Thanks in advance.

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Ok, I'm very much still a novice, but the idea of flying over a stretch of water scares me silly. The idea of an engine failure where you have no option but to land on water with a 25kg metal lump strapped to you - eeek. Even with flotation devices I still wouldn't fancy it.

The Philippines would be an amazing location to fly over, but I would always want to be close to land.

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I was there in the Spring, meeting daughter number two on her travels. Booked an Airbnb in Bohol, ended up at Kim's Garden at Anda Beach. Its run by a German -Joakim Katz who flies a Fresh Breeze Trike, He's always got plans afoot for flying round the islands! Although when we had got there he'd just got back from some trial lessons on 3 axis microlight, so maybe flying the PPG less now.

Yes.......he is  a nutter, but a very nice guy!!


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