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Multi Ballon Flight - Cambridgeshire

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Nice vid Lee,  looked a super smooth flight lucky sod lol. 

Im struggling with work and commitments etc so not getting up much although working hard to change my work load so looking forward to flying more in future hopefully see you at the Bore run and get a flight. 

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Cheers Neil, yes I've managed to bag a handful of smoothies recently, but also some of those earlier in the day 'bump and wallow' flights.

Sorry to hear you're not getting airborne enough. I know what you mean about work though... get that balance right! Luckily for me I can pop up the road after work - if the conditions are right. I leave the van loaded ready to grab the moment.

Not too sure if I'll make the next Bore. I did the April one but this next one clashes with the Wingland flyin, which I've never done before. I don't see why Simon can't just change the tidal bore dates to suit me! :P Ho hum... I'll decide a bit nearer the time.

Hopefully I'll catch you and Cath somewhere or other soon.

Mr Blue Hat


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Sorry for not posting earlier but had difficulties with connectivity with this site- now sorted. Excellent vid and very nice to meet you both. Am still training but trainer is also training overseas so not too convenient. Be good to make contact when I have completed training - meanwhile I continue to follow your exploits and I have decided to keep my micro licence valid also.    

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