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Help with wing tip steering?!


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Just recently got myself a Ozone Sirocco. Coming from Gin Mirage I must admit that the wings handling has been massive disappointment. This really cannot be so so I guess pilot is to blame. Could someone advice me how to fly with the wing tip steerings? With Mirage I could turn close to the ground much faster and the brakes had good response and bite. Wingovers were massive and easy. I only flew "sporty" with trims on neutral and using only brakes. 

With Sirocco being full reflex there is not much going on with the brakes (sluggish, heavy, unresponsive) so say I want to make wingovers how should I set the trim and should I use brakes, wing tip steering or both? If I use only wing tip steering toggles I feel unsafe for maneuvering without brakes.. Way too complicated for me ;)

Also on landing the flare is really inefficient again compared to the Mirage of same size. Landings should also be done with wing tip steering + brakes? 

Amazing that the manual says nothing about these. Takeoff and cruise no problem. Any input is appreciated!

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Ozone is known for making their wings feel like that. In fact all their free flight wings are expected to be flown with a wrap, I don't think the same applies to paramotor wings though.

Use either tips or brakes, not both at the same time.

I have a Sirocco 22. In full reflex I usually only use the tips for turns (plus weight shift) and put the brakes on the magnets. You can pull the tips down really as far as you want - they are really safe (I have done both at the same time as far as I can and nothing really happens, it just makes it look like a poor attempt at big ears).

Wingovers should be done using brakes and not tips I'd have thought. How else would you apply a little bit of outside brake when you need to?

Personally I like to land with at least a bit of trimmers open (at the white line) - I find the extra speed/energy helps. I take a wrap (or 2) too. Often I will do a small pendulum type landing too.


Sorry I can't compare with a Mirage as I haven't flown one myself. It might be just you are adjusting to the "Ozone feel" of wing.

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Thank you. Wraps and pendulum surely will help with the flare. 

With my old and dear Mirage I could turn tightly and touch the ground with wing tip. I'm just stunned on how different this Ozone feels like. Has anyone modified the wing to 2D-steering ie having brakes and wing tip steering tied together?

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