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  1. View Advert PAP 1400 ROS 125 Paramotor PAP Paramotor with ROS 125 engine, 1400 2-part cage and 13l fuel tank. The 2-part stainless steel fame is great and makes it very quick to assemble, though there are a couple of dings on the frame (see photos). Engine has the upgraded exhaust and carbon silencer; and a new throttle (see photo); it has recently been serviced and has new fuel lines and primer pump. The motor has a centrifugal clutch. Hand or kick starts on the ground; and kick starts in the air (foot strap included). Approx. 215 hours flown (the tachometer shows 254 hrs, which includes ground running). Harness is Large. Fitted prop is 125cm wooden Prop (which has been repaired – see photo). 29 hp - 70kg of thrust. All parts for the engine are easily available directly from Marc Motor: http://www.rosmotor.it/manual web.pdf Cash on collection please. Advertiser simonmarshall Date 07/08/20 Price £1,900.00 Category Paramotors  
  2. Hi, I’m on holiday in dartmouth for a couple of weeks. I was hoping to get to the flyin in Cornwall next weekend but its been cancelled. Does anyone know of anywhere I could take off in Devon? many thanks Simon (from Scotland)
  3. Here's my deployment of a reserve mounted behind my head on at PAP1400 frame. It gets in your way looking-up to check your wing on take-off, but I think it's the best place for deployment, and still keep it mounted there. Simon
  4. You can get parts for the ROS 125 easily direct from the manufacture: http://www.rosmotor.it/home.html email: g.marcolini@marcmotor.com I've found them very helpful, and they provide a good service. I've had a ROS 125 for a few years now, and am happy with it, the things that I've had to replace are: - Exhaust (snapped at weld points); - Piston and cylinder (locating pin on the piston came out and scratched the cylinder); - With the old exhaust the springs broke a few times (all fine with the new one though); and - One of the reduction cogs snapped in two.
  5. I had 2 rubber mounts fail on me a couple of weeks ago (they held on the exhaust), they sheared through the middle of the rubber, no sign of cracks beforehand. Exhaust swung into the prop, with expensive consequences. As has been already suggested, I'd recommend webbing around the rubber mount, so if it fails, it's not catastrophic. Simon
  6. A few of us are planning a camping/flying weekend in Scotland (near Perth), on either 19th or 26th July. Please email me if you'd like to join us. Cheers Simon
  7. I get really cold hands (bad circulation), and have tried many many glove combinations. I recently got Black Diamond Soloist Lobster Gloves (3+1), they are a bit bulky but the single finger means I've got enough dexterity for flying, they've been good so far but I haven't subjected them to Scottish winter flying yet. I plan to use disposible hand warmers and fleece glove liners when it gets cold. Simon M
  8. Happened to me too, it's because they rub against the exhaust, I haven't found a solution yet. But loop some lock wire through the spring and one end, so that when it does brake it doesn't fly-off and damage your prop. Simon
  9. I had a similar issue on a PAP ROS 125; I serviced the carb, changed the spark plug, replaced the coil, checked the timing until I found the problem. The compression hole (small hole inside the cylinder just above the exhaust outlet was cloggeed up, causing very very hard compression (amazing it can make such a big difference). Simon
  10. Hi, That's me in the clip, I changed from a low hang-point to a high a few months ago, and have been struggling with forward launches ever since. Thanks for all the advice, I'll try it out as soon as the scottish weather improves. Simon
  11. simonmarshall

    Great Gloves

    Thanks for the advice Simon - will try next time. Paramotoring must be the most demanding sport for warm gloves: - Always 20+mph wind chill; - Hands are high (draining the blood); - Colder than ground level; - Need manual dexterity (so mitten wont do); - We're inactive (we just sit there enjoying the view).
  12. simonmarshall

    Great Gloves

    Have to disagree I'm afraid. They are nice, well made gloves; but my fingers are still freeze in sub-zero temperatures (yesterday morning, flying high, in Scotland), disappointing for the price. I'm on the hunt for a new pair, or liner - suggestions welcome. Simon
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