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  1. You read my mind! I'm wondering if I should try and fit in a cheeky flight. Morning looks better.
  2. Agreed though that it might be borderline. Will keep an eye on it for the next 24hrs before messaging Barry.
  3. Weather dependant obviously. But forecast is for a clear day after a clear night so my guess is it could be a little bit bumpy and less enjoyable around midday, so probably first thing and mid-afternoon or both.
  4. Anyone else for bunking off Friday and going flying? Alex
  5. Ouch look at that! Was it bumpy? I saw a paramotor over Barry's from my garden. Still hoping to get up at some point in the next few days, but been a way for the last month with work so have to work it around spending time with the other half.
  6. Cool, maybe see you down there. There are lots of NOTAMs in place now in the run up to Farnborough Airshow so there are some restrictions on when you can fly.
  7. Anyone planning to fly from Barry's this weekend or next week?
  8. Just watching a couple of you fly back in to land at Barry's. Very jealous at not being able to get there tonight! Happy flighting! Alex
  9. I'm Surrey based but originally from the Rye area and am hoping to start flying down that way soon. Alex
  10. Which one is you? Somehow I managed to add a lot of photos as attachments rather than in the gallery. I assume you feature in these photos?
  11. AlexB1188

    Borechasers (Autumn 2017)

    Borechasers @steve342 @Kevinbis @cas_whitmore Tell me who else you spot! Alex
  12. Who was flying around below me on the Hogs back tonight? Blue and White wing with a Red/Orange patch. Alex
  13. In the garden having tea and just seen a light come over the hogs back and seem to head down towards Barry's field. No noise. Does one of you fly a strobe?
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