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  1. Barry’s contact details here. Don’t fly before receiving detailed instructions on what you can do there. It is more restricted than what your flight map shows due to sensitive neighbours and low flying business jets. I flew 2+ hours and 50+ miles yesterday in perfect wind and weather.
  2. There were 4 of us today and the last hour before sunset was flyable. It`s pretty cold up there, I must say.
  3. Hello, anyone has any news about Barry` field? Still available?
  4. Hm, I`ll definitely consider that. 7C still sounds a bit cold and the field must be sloppy. If I can make it I`ll be there around 2-2.30pm.
  5. It is the temperature (3 to 6C) that kills my motivation I used to fly above frozen lakes but when it is below 10C then there is not much fun in flying.
  6. Changing the seal is relatively easy, but if both the old and the new seals leaked then there may be some other problems, I fear. I`ll give it a try with another seal first. Looked pretty rough this evening when I was driving on the Hog`s Back at 7PM.
  7. It was better in the Guildford-Godalming area, a few thermals before 6PM, but nothing serious. There were also 2 hot air balloons in the air. My brand new crank shaft seal started leaking after an hour, no more flying for a while
  8. Flew in t-shirt and shorts, the best climate was between 400 and 500 meters, but the scenery was quite depressing. Two of my photos, with 7 weeks difference:
  9. Just talked to Barry, it`s OK to go there today (Friday). As far as I see there are no NOTAMs until Monday.
  10. Yes, on Saturday. Friday does not look bad either.
  11. Hi Paul, yes, I attended JK`s dinner. I see the weather will be perfect on Sunday, but my top80`s reductor has failed and I`ll be out of the skies until it`s fixed. I am sure there will be others at Barry`s field though, I met 5 or 6 ppg pilots there 2 weeks ago.
  12. You`ll find Barry`s phone number here: http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/reviews.asp?revid=5184 There were 2 of us yesterday, brilliant weather and dry, short grass. I may go there this afternoon again.
  13. I flew from Barry`s field 2 times this year and he is still supportive to ppg pilots (just don`t drive on the grass, and keep distance from the neighbours :)), and there are no news about the building plans that he mentioned a year ago. It`s a problem that you cannot do circles there, I would really need that now that I rebuilt my engine and would like to stay close to the field during the first one or two flights. Not sure there are any other farmers who would let us do it though. But if you find one, I am happy to join the team there
  14. Going to Barry`s farm today (Sat, 14/04), just in case anyone would join between 3-4PM. I called Barry, he says all is good, just no driving on the grass.
  15. First flight this year from Barry`s farm. Quite good in the middle of the field, more wet & sloppy close to the buildings/caravans, so no driving on the grass. All in all it`s good and flyable. There`s a new code for the gate, so call Barry before you go.
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