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  1. Hi all, I’m after a Dudek Driftair 20m. I’ve got cash waiting for the right wing! Cheers!
  2. Hi @Wideawake @Ticked off @Ella @SCresident Im terribly sorry to hear about your complaints. I was there this morning. I have not flown this weekend but did have a chat with Barry who has stated that he has thrown a few pilots off the field this weekend due to antisocial flying (such as you’re complaining of), and also, I’m assuming as a result of the completely understandable complaints, has changed the rules on approaches etc. He has also said no one is to take off before 0830. Hopefully this mornings flights with the new rules didn’t disturb/annoy you anywhere near as much. I can only apologise on behalf of those of us that do fly from there regularly and hopefully not anti socially. If it’s any consolation the majority of pilots have left today. And if there’s any issues in the future I encourage you to talk directly to Barry (who’s number is above) so he can collar the offending pilots on landing and educate them as he sees fit so we can all live and fly in harmony together! Thanks a lot Max
  3. Brilliant thanks a lot! I’ve been looking at the maps trying to plan some trips like this, especially Brighton as that’s where my mum lives. The one thing I need to figure out is somewhere to land There and even takeoff for the return leg! Do you still fly in the area?
  4. Hi all, Been flying from barrys quite a bit and keen to find a tried and tested xc route from there if anyone has any info they’d be keen to share? cheers! max
  5. Hi Chris! How’s training going?
  6. mx19


  7. Hi all, quick update from me! Finally got my gear sorted, changed the motor etc after getting the rad running but wasn’t confident in the power so aborted a couple of takeoffs. Got a Pap PA125 and fusion 26m wing. Had a couple of days at Barry’s field this weekend and really glad to be back in the air! Looking forward to meeting some of you soon! max
  8. Do you have something available?
  9. Hi All, As you may have seen from my post in Kit wanted i'm back in the market for a used paramotor. Obviously the used market is a minefield with lots of machines available. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a few for me to look out for? Or what thrust you think i should be looking for? I will be flying a paramania fusion 26m and I weigh 86kg. I have previously only rented gear, and this included (I believe- it was a while ago) starting on a top 80 and moving to a thor 130, and the wings I was flying varied between GTR 20/22 and sirocco 20/22 after starting on the roadster range. Thanks in advance, and hope to meet some of you at barry's field!
  10. Hi All, I'm back with my tail between my legs after deciding to cut my losses and upgrade from the RAD MXL I was given! I'm looking for a paramotor to suit me at 86kg. I have up to £1500 to spend so know it wont be Gucci, but all I want is airworthy, and easily able to get parts for the motor. Ideally something I can upgrade as I go along! I'm based in Fleet Hampshire so anything around here would be perfect. I'm in talks with a couple of people about a couple of PAP 1400 125's and was also looking for feedback on the suitability of these? Thanks a lot! Max
  11. Or I guess someone in Surrey/Hampshire that could rebuild my harness?
  12. Hi all, looking for a frame that will fit a radne raket 120 motor with a 130cm prop! Thanks a lot!
  13. Hi all, mom looking for a decent condition harness that will fit a rad mxl 120! The standard one is the woody valley, which I have but there is fraying that I’d rather not have! Thanks!
  14. Thanks a lot! I'll check it out as soon as my motor is running! Think i'll need a bit of wind with the lower power of the motor but keen to learn! Do you have to call ahead to use Barry's field?
  15. Hi All! My names Max, Just thought i'd introduce myself! Before moving to Fleet in Hampshire I previously lived abroad working as a skydiving instructor, and while working in Dubai I was lucky enough to learn to paramotor. I put about 50 flights under my belt out there plus some paragliding flights in a few places and a little shy of 7000 skydives, within which I competed on the uk canopy piloting team so a fair bit of time under canopy (albeit different canopies/wings granted). Anyway I haven't flown for a couple of years and have been longing to fly again. I have got a paramania fusion 26 and was just given an old Rad MXL 120, Now I know its not the most ideal motor but it was free and i'm looking forward to making a project out of it. I'm sure over time I will be looking to upgrade but my plan for this initially (while I buy a house, so not looking to spend too much just get flying) is first off to get it running, i spent yesterday taking it apart and putting a new net on it, and find a decent harness as there's fraying on my webbing I don't like the look of, it wouldn't pass skydiving so i'm sure it won't pass paramotoring either! Once it's running and i've put the new blades on it hopefully I can get some flights in while i look for a bigger frame and change the blades to a 130 double prop from e-props as well as tuning the engine to get as much as i can from it! I was looking through the surrey branch forum but all the posts seemed quite old so would love to meet some people round here that may be keen to show me the ropes about flying local round here as I haven't ever flown in the uk! If anyones got any advice on where to fly or the motor let me know Thanks all! Max
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