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PMC rebuild from the ground up.


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I just wanted to let you know about how excited I am about the software I have just been testing for the NEW Paramotor Club website.

I don't want to add pressure to the web team by giving it a time scale but i will be pressuring them LOLOL :-)

It will have an amazing amount of features and be 100x more useable than the current site. The Paramotor Club as it stands has an awesome amount of content which we will of course port over, along with log in details so no hassle for you guys but it's time to take it up a notch or two and bring us inline with the very latest in software tec.

The only hassle you will get in fact is from your other half when you discover all of the awesome stuff the new PMC site has!! :-)

In a nutshell: I know we have niggles 'this site is many many years old' and rather than spend hours and hours trying to 'fix' stuff were going to start with a clean sheet and go for a complete re-build.

I hope you guys like it half as much as I do when it lands! :-) :-) :-)


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Even better :-)

It's dynamic code, which means that it knows what you are using when viewing it. The end result is an app like site when viewing on a mobile, (any mobile). So its a simple drop a link to your screen and it will behave exactly the same as the PMC app 'did' but with the full functions of the new site.

Dynamic code is better, cheeper, and way way less hassle than an app AND a better experience for the user.

It will also allow drag and drop of almost any file type, it will allow direct video upload (so no need to use you tube and its compression and past a link) :-) :-)

Mate, honestly... I will get it done very soon just because I am so excited, but I recon it's going to take me a good few days just to list all of the new features!!. :-)


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