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Heated gloves


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After three short flights this morning using Gin winter alpine gloves and a thinner pair underneath them I found it still too cold to be able to fly for more than about 20 minutes particularly the index finger I use on my cameleon throttle.

So what heated gloves do others use and recommend, I would prefer to just use one pair rather than liner gloves as well due to the limited space on the cameleon to put my finger through which can get quite tight.

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You should get more from the Gin alpines mate..

TIPS: Make sure you start off with warm hands and gloves.

So often I hear this and 9x out of 10 it's because peoples hands started off cold.

Get your kit ready, then go and warm your hands and gloves up. (best way to warm hands is to swing your arms around in full circles forcing blood into them. Stick your gloves on your dash board when driving to the field.)

Do this before squandering your hard earned mate. :-) :-)


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