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Why don't paramotorists use the little bag sock thing that paragliders use?

I assume the use this for comfort and to aid in streamlining. Rather than just dangling there legs and causing more drag?

Or do they and I just haven't seen a video with someone using it? Surely this would be better for long distance xc?

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Hello and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

It's a valid question...

I guess it's because 'efficiency' is not something your daily Paramotor pilot is that interested in. OK so there are a very few people who cover big distance for whom it would undoubtedly benefit, but for the masses.... I am just not sure its an issue that needs solving.

A Paramotor Pilot is of course also, in a non Aerodynamic flying position by default (as it stands with current products) so not an ideal starting point.

We also have many different mount options in terms of connecting to the wing... PG is all the same standard.

I am sure that if a super slick teardrop affair found it's way into the Paramotor world that it would gain some momentum but not enough to justify the cost of development.

Again, welcome to the Paramotor Club!!! :-)


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Yes sorry 'hi all' :-)

I was just curious really, if all goes well come next year I'll be a fully fledged flyer but for now I'm an imaginary pilot only.

Loving the idea of long distance trips. And camping. Also isn't there a limit to the size of the fuel tanks on a paramotor? I Thaught I'd read it was 10l and then on the parajet website there tanks were bigger 13/14l? Is this an old rule of one from america and I miss understood?



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