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dudek nucleon xx


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Its getting late and I have to sleep but very quickly, the Nucleon XX (from my point of view) is like a blending of the Plasma and the Nucleon, but better!

Slower than the WRC size for size, but you'd go down in size anyway for the correct weight range. I flew a 29 WRC, but now fly a 24 XX with better glide, and about the same speed as the 29 WRC.

Very agile, especially on full fast trim with the light touch tip steering.

Launches very easy on full slow, as you'd expect.

The sharknose profile makes the whole wing feel more pressurised and solid.

I'd look to be in the middle of the weight range for good economy or nearer the heavy end for more speed.

I think this will PG very nicely too.

ok gotta go ZZZzzzz

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Yes patrick I have purchased a 26mt nucleon xx.

I really am struggling with my synth in light wind so hopefully having a wing that is 8mts smaller will help. I am picking it up on saturday so hope to be out on it that day if weather stays as predicted.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of it and it's comparisons to the Synth.

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