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Hello from a New Newbie from Bucks

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Hello all,

Just thought I'd say a quick hello. After several months of researching paragliding and paramotoring, and watching many hours of Youtube footage my Dad and I took the plunge and had our first lesson with Simon over in Membury last weekend. Unfortunately it was a little windy to get a play on a wing but we got a good amount of theory done which I found interesting never the less and it fueled my hunger to learn this incredible sport which so few people seem to know about.

Now we're playing a waiting game for our next day off to coincide with some half decent weather. Today was meant to be our next lesson but after some frantic early morning weather site / local webcam / staring out the window at the monsoon and texts back and forth we decided to give it a miss. Typically it turned out to be quite a nice day by the early afternoon. Grrrrrr

Fingers crossed for a good day soon. I dont know how much longer I can go without my next fix. It feels addictive and Ive barely started.

Anyway, that's all really. Anyone from around the Buckinghamshire / High Wycombe / Chalfonts areas?



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I'm also in High Wycombe.  Haven't paramotored yet but did a 1 day taster paragliding a few years back - loved it - but then I had kids and parastuff had to wait.  Now kids are old enough to come along and watch (and maybe go in a tandem harness if I get good) I'm hoping to do the course next year.



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