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  1. View Advert Parajet Zenith Thor 80 L/C and Dudek Synth 2 Reflex wing - Full package DESCRIPTION Almost as new - Parajet Zenith & Dudek Synth 2 Wing This listing includes the full package of everything you need to fly and many extras. Paramotor – Parajet ZENITH chassis, Parajet Harness, Polini Thor80 l/c with less than 5 hrs flown – excellent condition and has just had a full service. Red scheme. Great condition. Wing – Dudek Synth 2 Reflex Paramotor Wing – 26 Foot – Blue and White theme – Like new with only around 6 hours use – (2 ground handling / 4 flying) Always kept indoors, well ventilated and packed dry). Great condition. This is the Rolls Royce of Paramotors. Lovely to fly, beautifully manufactured, light, strong and very good feel with the wing. I am selling this full package with a heavy heart , purely as I just don’t get the time to fly that I would like to commit and I feel this would be better off in someone else’s hands. This full set-up is worth over £10,000 new, bought separately which it was 2 years ago and includes everything a pilot needs to fly, safely and confidently. The kit has hardly been used, although well maintained and stored. It was bought directly from Parajet and the purchase can be verified by one of their dealers. you can see it here on the Parajet website – https://parajet.com/product/the-zenith The Thor 80 has a liquid cooled engine which means that the rev output can be higher, therefore giving this 80 CC engine plenty of power for its compact size and light weight. In my view, the Zenith frame is one of the best on the market, light, durable, easy to dismantle and build and very compact - easily packing down small enough to fit in the boot of a car - It has some fantastic features which are detailed in the pilots manual (here https://tinyurl.com/parajetZenith) but some highlights include: – Very lightweight aircraft grade aluminium frame Simple slot together construction to break down small to fit in the car Large 12.5l fuel tank (approx 3 – 3.5 hrs fly time) Power of this engine is – 2-stroke, 80cc, 15hp, 48kg thrust Dry weight is 26kg all up including harness and reserve etc The Dudek Synthesis 2 Reflex wing is a perfect beginner to intermediate wing. Easy to inflate and launch, solid as a rock during flight, with good speed and manoeuvrability in the air. This is the same design and size of wing that I learnt to fly with. It speaks for itself that these are being used at Paramotor schools. Nice blue design, always looked after and always stored in dry condition. https://www.dudek.eu/images/stories/pliki/skrzydla/synthesis2/SYNTHESIS-2-manual.pdf Also included in the price; Spare Prop and prop case Speed bar 2 x spare alumnium milled frame bars 2 x spare netting frame hoops Globe reserve parachute Stuff Sack for wing Agama water rescue system Wind Sock Engine Oil Official Parajet Flight suit / sized medium Plenty more photos available on request and viewing is recommended. This is available on other sites Advertiser sashak2000 Date 05/07/18 Price £6,000.00 Category Paramotors
  2. Hello again, Thank you all for your replies!! I knew the para-community would step up to it. My paramotor is stored elsewhere, so next time I am with it I will take photos of the engine, carb and mixture settings and post them here so hopefully this will answer a few of your queries and help to pinpoint the problem. Morgy - Hopefully once I post the photos you'll be able to tell me what Carb I have... seeing as I even got the name of my engine wrong Adam - I haven't touched any of the mixture settings as I don't really understand it enough to do so and don't want to make it any worse. Maybe this is something I need to learn as it's likely that its something I'm going to need to do with some degree of regularity. I think I'll start with the easiest suggestion from Simon and throw out the old (7 month) fuel and getting a fresh batch mixed up for the summer. I note that no-one has mentioned the Spark plug?... again, please don't shoot me down as I am an engine amateur however just wanted to double check that the problems I have described aren't anything to do with that? Its the same plug since new, should I stick a new one in? Thanks again Sash
  3. Hi Simon, Thanks - I bought fresh fuel, when I bought the motor, in October. I drained the old fuel and made a fresh mix. The 6 litres or so I put in have been sitting in the tank since then (7 months or so) - Does fuel go stale in that period of time? Could that have been the issue? I hope so as that's an easy fix.
  4. Good evening, Let me start this off by saying that I am no engine expert, so my terminology and descriptions may be technically incorrect, but I will do my best to explain and appreciate in advance any help and assistance offered. I do have a basic understanding of 2 stroke engines and am quite competent when it comes to trying to fix something - or at least I'm willing to learn. I have a Parajet Zenith with Liquid Cooled Polini Top 80 engine, flash start. I have owned this second hand since October, and prior to me the previous owner had it from new for a little over a year - I am reliably informed that it only had one flight in that time and approx running up a maximum of 3 hours running time. Since October I have had one flight in November, then 2 flights last week. I have tried to run the engine once a month or so. Last Thursday, I started the engine - always starts on first pull. Gently warmed it up by alternating the revs and running for approximately 5 minutes. I had the feeling that I wasn't quite getting full power output, but maybe put this down to my inexperience of not only the Polini but engines in particular. Takeoff fine, easily enough power to sweep me up in a short distance, full throttle up to 1000 feet before easing off and making some gentle turns - from then on when I tried full throttle the engine would slightly 'Bog' - I think that's the technical term. Basically lose power and sound like its going to cut out completely (although never actually cut out thankfully) - It would either rectify itself within a second and then power up fully or I would briefly reduce throttle and increase gently agaoin which seemed to get rid of the issue. The engine never cut out completely. I wasn't happy so landed, checked over the engine visually with my limited know-how, all seemed to be fine. I found a small bubble in the fuel line which I tried to get rid of by flicking it through the line. After a bit of googling and tinkering decided to try it again, Had a great takeoff , again plenty of power on full revs up to a decent height and played around for 15 minutes. This flight the fault only re-occurred once, but sorted itself out again. Although whatever the fault was seemed to have improved as time went on, I would rather understand what the issue is and rectify it if possible. Through these very helpful forums and much Googling I have found a number of suggestions of what the issue could be, but am really looking for advice and suggestions from the ParamotorClub community. Some suggestions are: Old fuel, Carb not adjusted properly, air in fuel lines, wrong mixture, not warmed up correctly, filter needs changing etc etc... The motor has had no service since it was new, so although it has only done about 5 hours from new, should I look to get this done? Thanks in Advance Sash
  5. Hi Will, I'm also in the Wycombe area and have a few field options to fly locally. There are a few other fellow paramotor pilots in the area too. Have you signed up for a course yet?
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  7. Me again, 4 months on from that first flight, I am now on Flight #4. Not helped by some pretty awful weather along the way however Simon and Col from Paramotorclub are always at Membury ready to teach you on any day that weather permits it. This was by far my most enjoyable flight of all, none of them have been un-enjoyable - far from it, but as the sun was shining, it was a beautiful cold and crisp winters morning, and for the first time I felt really comfortable about being a pilot. I went up high, I flew down low, spent a bit of time with a fellow paramotorer in the air with me, said hello to some deer and sheep. Totally amazing. Check out my video: https://youtu.be/x1WPogBsElM I've said it before, I'll say it again... if you are (like I was) dreaming of flight and spending hours on end watching videos of other people fly, then do something about it and learn to Paramotor. See you in the sky. [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]
  8. Only ever having 2 x flights I have no personal experience that will help the discussion.... however I did see this video on YouTube a few months back which shows it definitely can be done; https://youtu.be/Dod4uFqVaaQ [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]
  9. Hello, Not exactly Ridley Scott production I know, but for anyone thats interested here's a quick edit of my first flight, from Membury Services yesterday evening..... [youtubevideo]https://www.youtu.becom/watch?v=19xlJBv9PK4[/youtubevideo] Thank you so much to Simon, Colin and all at Paramotorclub.org for getting me up on the air. By far one of the greatest experiences I have ever had (and there have been a few) If you're reading / watching this and thinking about learning to Paramotor - Just go for and book your course and do it!! Its TOTALLY AMAZING. Sasha (Still buzzing)
  10. Hello, Just for the ones out there who are not on Iphone/Ipad... I just emailed the makers of RunwayHD (Simons always banging on about it ) asking if they had anything in the pipeline for Android / Google Play devices. They swiftly replied as follows; "We are hoping to have this available within the next couple of weeks. We will be sure to inform all new and existing customers." Simon, do you think you'll be able to sort out a suitable Promotional code? I'm always looking for a deal.
  11. Hello all, Just thought I'd say a quick hello. After several months of researching paragliding and paramotoring, and watching many hours of Youtube footage my Dad and I took the plunge and had our first lesson with Simon over in Membury last weekend. Unfortunately it was a little windy to get a play on a wing but we got a good amount of theory done which I found interesting never the less and it fueled my hunger to learn this incredible sport which so few people seem to know about. Now we're playing a waiting game for our next day off to coincide with some half decent weather. Today was meant to be our next lesson but after some frantic early morning weather site / local webcam / staring out the window at the monsoon and texts back and forth we decided to give it a miss. Typically it turned out to be quite a nice day by the early afternoon. Grrrrrr Fingers crossed for a good day soon. I dont know how much longer I can go without my next fix. It feels addictive and Ive barely started. Anyway, that's all really. Anyone from around the Buckinghamshire / High Wycombe / Chalfonts areas? Laters Sash
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