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  1. Thanks Trevor. Sadly had a mid afternoon appointment, and would have been a 2 hour drive to borechasers.
  2. Will anybody be in Membury on Sunday 21st April? I'd like to come down and have a look around, introduce myself, watch some people fly, before probably beginning a course in Membury over the summer.
  3. Hi Tony. Nice video. What was the mistake? Looks to me something like excessive turning while unpowered caused a partial collapse. I've never power motored but I've done around 50 skydiving jumps.
  4. Hi I'm also in High Wycombe. Haven't paramotored yet but did a 1 day taster paragliding a few years back - loved it - but then I had kids and parastuff had to wait. Now kids are old enough to come along and watch (and maybe go in a tandem harness if I get good) I'm hoping to do the course next year. Will
  5. Hi Am thinking about taking a PPG course next summer. I'm in High Wycombe, Bucks. Closest course I can see is Membury (1 hour away). Are there any launch spots close to High Wycombe? I'm guessing Booker / Wycombe Air Park is too full of helicopters and light aircraft to make it safe for paramotors? Shame, because it's on my doorstep.
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