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Anybody on here flying above West Bay (Dorset) yesterday?

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Anybody know the pilot who was pulling wingovers around the crowded breakwater at West Bay yesterday? If you do know him/her, please let them know about UK airlaw - they were doing all sorts of crazy stuff only 30ft away from the crowds. This kind of stupid showing off could spoil things for us all.

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He is from eastern Europe and flys from Weston supermare

Has a friend in beaminster so thinks its clever to buzz the town at 100ft and land on the public playing field.

The first time he landed there a few weeks ago a cricket match was going on!

An utter muppet with no regard for air law.

As everyone in the area thinks it is me i have just got back from a chat with him.

Arrogant bloke who thinks he is outside the law.

I explained a few points and made It clear he is still restricted by air law

He does not care.brilliant another idiot trying his hardest to get regulation.

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