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Fuel Primer PAP 1250

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Hi Simon

I don't really know. The primer has 2 petrol pipes on it and is part of the PAP set up rather than Corsair (it is a M25y Black Devil engine) and PAP agents aren't easy to find.

I was hoping someone with a bit more knowledge of this system could help.

If it would help anybody help me I can look at the paramotor and describe where the pipes go!


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Thanks Pete but it is not a normal plunge type primer. It is a dual primer but, as Notch indicated, it appears that it is common to nearly every Jetski made!

I have ordered one from a Jetski parts supplier and should get it mid week..

Thanks for all your help, see you Friday.

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Got home from work tonight, primer plunger had arrived from jetski dealer (thanks Notch), fitted in minutes and motor started second pull after a year of sitting in the garage!

Worked a treat, looking forward to dodging thunderstorms at the weekend.

See you all there.


ps. If weather is bad perhaps Pete can do a course on how a 2 stroke works as he won't be able to do anything else with his dodgy hand! :D

pps. Maybe not 'anything'else! :oops:

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