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GROUNDED - until further notice :( broken crank

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absolutely gutted :(.. was starting up the engine and let it tick over then just as I was about to launch and I heard a nasty noise... shut down immediately..

after investigating I noticed that the drum that sits on the back of the crankshaft was loose and proceeded to strip down and to my horror the end of the crankshaft has sheared off .... luckily the case. bearings, piston etc are in good condition

being a dk whisper I rang parajet and just my luck they don't have these cranks anymore... an engineering company recommended drilling into the crank and threads a whole new section and remilling and balancing etc but they couldn't do it and didn't know of anyone down in Devon that could

the other option is hand over the crank and get one made .. but god knows how much that would cost

atm I have a pile of useless non flying junk in my garage and i'm gutted

any advice apart from get a new paramotor lol :)

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I'm betting DK didn't mill the crank themselves. So it must belong to a 2 stoker from the 90's . Get yourself to a good old fashion bike breakers and talk to the bearded bloke who smells of old holbourn. Bet you he knows exactly what it came from. And might even have one hidden at the back of the workshop. cost a few jugs of cripple cock to take it off his hands though :-)

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