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Pauls Progression

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Nothing to report at the moment, after having paid my dues to Simon the weather on my available days has been rather wet or windy. :(

However it currently looks like it might be suitable for my first day this weekend so I'll be on the phone to Simon Friday evening, fingers crossed. :)

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Day 1

Had a fantastic first day, nice to get my hands on a wing and start scratching the surface of ground handling. A lot harder than it looks initially but good fun and I can see how critical mastering this is to progressing in paramotoring.

Learnt a lot of basics in the first day, approaching the ground safely, packing a wing, unpacking a wing, moving a wing, the nuances of recovering an incorrectly placed wing on the ground without having to run round it and lay it back out (thanks for your patience Colin) and keeping myself under the dot (once I realised there was a dot there.......duh!)

Great to meet Simon, Colin and I also met Pat Pux, builder blokey from Sussex, Danish robot man and geezer from Chichester.

Unfortunately my fitness let me down, however with my determination to get up in the air on a paramotor I’ve now got something to focus on so I’ll be picking up my running and cycling, then I'll be able to last more than a couple of hours of ground handling before collapsing into a sweaty mess. :oops:

Looking forward to the next day. :mrgreen:

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