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Bailey V5 engine cut after 1 minute in air


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I had my first (and very short) flight last Sunday. I had waited in the field for several hours ground handling until the conditions calmed down enough to fly.

The engine started first time on my back. Unfortunately my wing started to tuck on my forward launch so i killed then engine and aborted. I killed the engine when it was on almost full throttle as i was a few steps into my launch.

After cutting it I could not start it myself and my friend had to start it for me (which took a good few pulls), it ran and i very shortly took off again.

I got airborne and not much more than a minute in my climb rate started to slow then the engine began to splutter and i started pitching forward and back so i let off the throttle at which point it cut out resulting in me landing in the wrong field :(

The behavior of the engine felt like fuel starvation. Once on the ground i had to prime it at which point it started first time.

Could this be air in the line or related to the fact i had to kill it at high revs on the ground prior to launch?

The engine was flown by the previous owner not long before i bought it with no problems.

Not an ideal first flight and i would ideally like to stop it happening again!

I am going to take it to a field and run it for 10 or so minutes before i fly again but any other advice / things to look for would be appreciated.


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Hi Paul

How many hours are on the engine?

Did you make sure you connected the fuel return pipe correctly?

Sounds like it could be fuel starvation..

Check the Filter,Float bowl and jets to make sure there all clear of particles. Also check the Black pressure pipe for splits or kinks.

Also check the Fuel pump for a good pressure...

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Its had 44 hours on it and was very recently serviced by Sussex Paramotors (i think it was sussex) before i bought it.

I will check the fuel pipes as i have not removed the tank before. I have been warned the older design clips on the zenith can cause problems.

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That will be Barry's green zenith ? Did you buy it at the comp?

It was serviced a few hours before it was sold.

If you have any issues give me a call 07867317307..

Check the clunk in the bottom of the tank. Parajet use a different clunk to bailey.. P Jet use a fibre filter one remove this and give it a good clean out. There is a small filter inside this fibre filter.. Make sure both parts are clean or buy new..

Try running it on the ground without the clunk to see if this helps.

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Thats right its Barry's i picked it up on the Sunday and he did a very comprehensive handover for me. Its a small world we live in and there are not many green zeniths about!

I am confident the motor is solid so you will be right it will be something simple.

Next fine day i will give that a go.

I still also wonder if there was air in the line as i did not run it on the ground for very long after the second restart.



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Hi Paul

Rick Wormesley had the same kind of problem with his moster Zenith, I am sure it was the clunk/Tank filter at fault. If your not sure how to do it i am sure he will be able to help. If it is the clunk let me know and i will look for a Bailey Clunk and will send you one with an inline filter.



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  • 1 month later...

I thought i would post an update about this. After getting my garage broken into resulting in my door being broken for over a month (and thus unable to get my motor out) I got a fresh pair of eyes to look at the engine.

He noticed that the vacuum pipe from the air intake to fuel pump was slightly kinked.

The theory is when on tick over the obstruction on the pipe was not enough to stop the vacuum. On full throttle it essentially sucks the pipe shut thus starving the fuel supply. The float bowl in the carb has enough fuel in it to last 30 seconds or more then it starts t cut out.

I rerouted the pipe to take the kink out and have since had and hour and a half in the air with no problems.

Another thing i discovered when trying to test it on my back is because i could not stand upright against the force of the engine on full throttle i ended up bending over (seems standard for a full power test) however as this is a 4 stroke i put the sump above the level of the cylinder thus forcing oil into the cylinder. This then chucked white smoke out of the back and then cut out.

This additional user introduced problem masked what was a very simple pipe routing issue.

I love my V5 its smooth, quiet and as economical as a hybrid! I am only 72kg and can climb at 330 ft / min on full throttle.

Big thanks to Morgy and Barry for helping me out with the problems.

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Glad you got it sorted Paul...

Thanks for your help, i had an hours flight on sunday which has restored my confidence in it. The V5 is such a sweet engine, on tickover it is almost silent and after landing the 2 stroke boys could not believe how little fuel i had used :D

No i just need the weather to improve so i can get some hours in.

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Glad you got it sorted, I suspect that as it was the first time I had fully dimantled it to sqeeze it into the the car with my new kit I must have either kinked it getting it to you or on reassembly.

Either way I am glad you are happy with it. Keey up posted with pics / videos of your flights.


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