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French ppg pilot coming to Bristol

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I am a paramotor pilot from Toulouse (south of France). I will move to Bristol somewhere during the summer, for the years to come.

I have the french licence for paramotor since end of 2010 (I also have the microlight licence, but have flown only my paramotor since I've started ppg :)).

I am looking for information on where to fly near Bristol and pilots with whom to share flights!

You can find some photos of my flights here : https://plus.google.com/u/0/105341597077620353965/posts



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Thank you!

Yes, I saw some video on youtube from Weston Super Mare... It seems a great place to fly from :)

I realize that I forgot to speak about my gear in my short presentation.

I fly an ITV Awak 2, which is really fun to fly, but I still have my MacPara Eden on which I started. And I have a Kangook with a Thor 100 as engine (don't know yet if I will try to bring it in the UK or if it will be simpler to sell here and buy a new one once I've moved...)

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I am sure you could arrange for your motor to get to the UK :-)

People form here go there often and vice versa. Buying kit over here in the summer gets expensive. :-(


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Hi Christian,

i replied to your message before reading here your answer.

I went to Sarriac at the end of last summer for the "Rassemblement des Zharicots Tarbais Volants". It was really great and I've been able to fly near Madiran and Marciac in the North, as well as near the Lac de l'Arrêt Darré... A great week-end !


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I have been working away from the UK for a while now, but I used to fly with an active group of pilots from Bath/Bristol. When I return in Sept I intend to fly with them in the area again.

The guys don't post too much on the forums, but if you PM me I will give you some contact details for them.

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