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Can I fly in my area lawfully?

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Hi guys,

I've been wanting to get a paramotor for a few years now but now I really want one and am considering starting training this year. There just one thing I really would like to know that May put a stop to the whole idea.

I have 4 children and I'm self employed so finding the time to carry out any hobbies is tuff. I live in widnes, Cheshire. Basically inbetween Manchester and Liverpool airport. Now I realise that there will be restricted areas around these airports but as I'm a newbie, I can't understand the air charts and where thes off limits are.

Thing is, I have a few farmer friends on my doorstep that would allow me to use their field to take off (obviously once qualified). Can someone please tell me by looking at the air chart for my area if I would be able to fly in my area and where these restricted areas begin

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Googlemad, you're in a bad spot there.

Surface to 2500 feet is the Liverpool CTR (control region)

2500 to 3500 feet is the Manchester CTA-4 (control area)

Then from 3500 feet to FL195 is the Manchester TMA-1 (terminal maneuvering area)

You need to be north of Kirby (approximately) to be out of the Liverpool CTR.

Then you've got the Low Level Route north south roughly over Warrington, with a max altitude of 1300 feet.

I'd move if I were you,



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