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Hi all

I am looking for some opinions on different motors.

I am soon going to be looking at buying a new motor in a zenith frame, I weigh around 90kg and wanting something I can cross country fly with and also have something that will climb well when messing around, I currently fly a 28 speedster with a volution 2 motor.

I was looking at the Thor 200 but see they can be troublesome , also looking at the v5s ? Or maybe the hornet but maybe a bit race orientated ?

What do you think ?

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If you're 90kg the V5 will get you off the ground but won't give you a fab climb rate. I'm 110kg and fly a Moster 185 - gives even a fat bloater like me a good climb rate! It's very responsive and I've had no issues with it! Highly recommended


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Hi Damo

At 90kg the V5 and the V5s would be fine for general flying. The climb out will not be ballistic but good enough for XC and a suitable XC wing IE your 28m Speedster..

We have a local pilot on a V5 @105-108kg + on a 30m speedster. His climb out is ok but slow...

There are no Figures out for the V5s, Ive been informed its around 8-10% increase in power..

If your looking at dropping wing sizes I would go for the New hornet..

If you want more info you can give us a call..



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If your wanting too drop a wing size or two go for the Hornet as you would be stressing the motor allot if you go for the V5 or V5S. If your happy with the wing all 3 motors would be fine.

The Hornet is not race orientated It should be a great all round Motor. It is powerful with smooth power delivery.

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I have the Zenith Moster. Its my first motor so I can't compare with anything else. Has all of 10 hours on it. I love it so far. Starts second pull even when very cold. Ticks over without bogging down if you set the tickover speed correctly. Plenty of power for my 85kg body and Ozone Roadster 26. Gives excellent climb rate without using full power. Fuel used is approx 4.5 to 5 lit per hour when cruising and messing around rather than 'economical flying'. I fly on fast trim but without speedbar.

I understand Moster are bringing out a clutched version early next year.

If you live anywhere near Dorchester Dorset, more than welcome to have a look..

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