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Polini Thor 100 Tuning


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Hi all. I find that my Thor 100 engine with Walbro carb is running too rich and always has, it still has only about 9 hours on it and I have heard that somehow they run better after 10 hours or so. I have already peppered the underside of my wing with oil spots on one occasion and am keen to prevent it from occuring again. The manual states that the standard calibration of the mixture screw is one and a quarter turns out. For anyone on the forum that has this engine, have they had to adjust the mixture for the same reason and if so how did they find the best position. Also due to the position of the screws I cannot get access to them with the engine running.

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I have a Thor 110, that I had the same issues with, but they all seem a bit oily for the first 10 hours or so as they run in, so you may not actually have a huge problem. Mine also made a mess around the exhaust joins & the prop - again pretty normal.

What oil & mix ratio are you running & what is your fuel burn like?

Have you spoken to your dealer about it?

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Hi Phil, My mix ratio is 50:1 and the fuel burn rate seems to be roughly what Parajet estimate although I haven't made any accurate calculations for fuel usage yet. Parajet did say it should improve with time but I wanted to find out from other owners if this is the case or whether they had to make any adjustments.

It sounds as if yours has improved which is good to know.

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