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I'm new to this Paramotoring lark ad I'm still at the winch and ground handling stage. I have a field right outside my house and that was going to be my launch site. However, while ground handling with a very old glider I bought of the auction site I noticed the odd cow "deposit", then more, then more and more etc etc.

Now it wasn't a complete surprise to me there would be some, after all, there had been cows but the sheer amount was what surprised me. The problem I now have is that my chosen field might not be my chosen field after all.

This is going to sound like a really stupid question but does anyone else launch from fields that have had cattle in them and if so is there a solution to my problem, does it harm the wing (makes a stain ans makes it smell I know). I think I know the answer - "find another field" but the bloody heffers are practically every field for miles around.

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I'd avoid fields with cattle, not for the sake of the wing but for your health (they do get freaked out and aren't easy to stop plus they can be protective over their young) - and always keep the farmer happy. Farmers often rotate field stock so you might find sheep in there in the future, or nothing. The sheep around here don't bat an eyelid any more when I'm there, in fact they get very sociable sometimes. :shock:

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I don't fly from fields when any livestock are there. Not worth the risk of a cow eating my wing or doing something that would end up upsetting my insurance company.

My nearest field is however rotated for cattle & I know exactly what your talking about. I just make sure to wipe off any stains with a damp cloth (Water only) as soon as possible after flying, because apparently the toxins in the poop can eat the wing. Apart from that I just get dirty boots during my takeoff run now & again.

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