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Where to buy prop bolts?

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He he he, no, you're right about the measurements! :mrgreen:

Thanks for the offer. I'll have a look on the internet with the revised and definitely more accurate measurements!

Do they have to be any kind of special type of bolts?

Or would these be suitable? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/25125817 ... 101&ff19=0

Don't think so, you need 12.9 high tensile grade

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Hi Tommy just to think how thick Propeller Mounting Plate/Spacer you have ,if just 2mm then you need Stainless steel allen key bolts M6x50mm if your plate is thicker 4mm then you need M6x55mm,but I think you need M6x50mm,not 11 or 12cm long :shock: what for? 3 weeks ago I received from dtpropeller 130cm dia prop for my racket, its 4 mm thicker hub than standard is,but what the power :o no compare to any other excluding "E-propeller"but this is different story

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well ,now I know way you need 12 cm bolts,you have long spacer tube .

Yes ,I tuned my Raket and thanks to DTpropellers ,they been able make one to my own specification.prop. 130cm long and 18inch pich with very nice shape,save me time try to much prop from other machines .

yes its very power full,I dont know how big thrust is (next time I build thrust testing machine)I make video,when my laziness let me,I will share all project.

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