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Revo patch kit


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Never tried this but as I have one and if it was my ground wing I would give it a go (that does not mean its the right thing to do for sure :D ).

http://www.kitefix.com/catalog/product_ ... 7e758a2a00

I use this on the kites to repair any cloth rips and it works really nice. I can see why it would not work for a ground glider. It will look like shit but.......

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if you give the loft or aerofix a shout they should be able to supply you with "sticky wing" material in whatever colour you need. Cut it to have a 1/4inch overlap all round. round off the corners of the patch then stick it on the back of the hole put another over the front. Obviously dont have any creases and put the edges of the tear as close together as you can with out mis-shaping the wing.

Thats it all good..

cheers Col..

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I just looked through my massive bag of sticky wing sections.

I have every colour except Blue :-(

Soz dude.

For future ref: If you use the thin white colour, it's basically see through when applied to the wing. :-)


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