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A tale of poor maintanance and expensive mistakes..

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This episode in my flying life starts last Saturday, when my very nice flight was interrupted by a very inconvenient crack in my cylinder head (not that I knew that at the time..) Ah well S**t happens. I was very kindly offered a replacement and duly excepted (thanks again Stu) :-) Life is good again..

Well it doesn't end there..

Today I fitted the new head, with some new gaskets from Parajet and all seemed great! the engine ran like a dream. Anyway I will get to the point.. I went for a flight this evening as the forecast rain has been put back by a day, after 10 minutes BANG and I'm gliding, executed a reasonable forced landing in the middle of a sheep field, carried my kit to a barn and met the farmer who didn't seem all that fussed about my unexpected appearance on his land and he pointed me in the direction of the road where my wife rescued me and delivered me back to my field :-)

Any way after stripping my engine down.. I have discovered a blown piston ring and destroyed cylinder, it all seems due to me putting the piston in the wrong way so the rings were running over the exhaust port! :-( school boy error..

The new head appears to be fine :-)




Live and learn, expensive mistakes just make you learn faster!

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Not sure if this is the correct one

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This is an aftermarket big bore kit, the like of which marked the demise of most of the small 2 stroke bikes owned by my friends in the 70s and 80s.

Is this suggested as an alternative, or is this what is supplied as part of the original paramotor?

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