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Need advice...newbi in PPG

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Hi All

Am a paraglider pilot with an advanve rating and more than 500hr of free flight. I think is time for me to try PPG but I need some advice about what to get.

I have the wing covered for the meantime but the engine and harness does not let me sleep. I want something very light but that performeces well and confy. Any suggestions. I weight 150 lb (64kg), so I think I do not need a big engine. I live in the cost of Texas (Houston).


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If you are looking for something light then the choice is probably between Miniplane, Bulldog and Air Conception. All in the 19 - 20 Kg region

Miniplane are Italian and have the Top80 engine. They are tried and tested. Reliable, quiet, fuel efficient and well supported in Texas.

Bulldog are British and have a variety of engines. I have not seen one in the flesh, but they have a good reputation and are supposed to be robust units. I do not know about local support in Texas.

Air Conception are French and have a variety of engines. Again I have not seen one in the flesh, but from what I have been reading they appear to be very light and powerful, on the other hand much of the recent innovation has not been out in the field long. I do not know about local support in Texas.

Be aware that pretty much regardless of the paramotor that you buy that at some stage there will be problems and you will need parts. The level of local support should be a major part of your buying decision.

BTW, I am biased towards Miniplane as I fly one. I bought it as a beginner and have since flown 100+ hours on it and I am very happy with it. IMHO the best kept secret in Paramotoring!

Safe flying,


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I flew mine as a beginner and had my share of rough landings. My flying bitch also started as a beginner on a Miniplane. The point is that if the machine is lighter then you are less likely to stumble and therefore you don't need such a robust cage. Having flown both heavier machines and the light Miniplane I know with which one I feel safer.

Having said that there is no question that the frame is flimsier and you have to learn a special technique for power take-offs............but I fly often in nil wind and have never found it a problem.

As you will find, there is no such thing as the perfect machine. Ask 10 of us which machine we prefer and you will get 10 different answers. It's a question of trade offs, and each of us chooses his own.

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I came from almost the same back ground.

I wanted weight shift and light. I'm 80k and fly a mini plane now


1. Small cage

2. Helix Top 80 Carbon Fiber Propeller (130cm)

3. Gearbox is a 19/73 ratio

With this setup on launch I grab the shoulder strap with one hand and with a little grunt pick the unit up and throw it over the other shoulder. With this gear and prop combo you will have tons of juice to do anything.

Now the cage is "flimsy" as Simon put it but you wanted light and this is what you got. But it seems flimsy because the outer ring is fiberglass not aluminum (keeps the weight down).

I've been in the mini for 2+ years now and nothing else out there really makes me want to fly it except the ultra 130 (Air Conception) look it up. But for your weight it would be a ton of power lol.

@ 80k I have never had any problem taking of in 0 air. I've often been up waiting forever for the other guys with the heavy ton of power PPG's.

Take off is all technique same as in the PG world not so much the motor.

You will not go wrong with one...

you can sleep now.

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But these guys with the aluminum cages have a much better "crumple zone" then us guys on these flimsy miniplanes!!!! :shock:


Some one has to stir the pot on a Friday..... This place is to quiet!

cheers guys and may we fly this weekend!

My trip to the mountains has been F'd due to rain. Well back to the motor I go!

Oh Craz

One thing I must say the motor is not the perfect solution (Free Flight is) but man the window of opportunity to fly is 10X more when you have a motor.

Get yourself a nice music solution to. Nothing better then some nice tunes and PPG

I fly at night over the city here quite often at night (crazy beautiful).


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