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First Flight on Modified EC


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Had my 1st flight today after a major rebuild of my Paramotor outfit, so over my local field laid out my wing 31 Nucleon couple of practice launches as I'm still new to the wing and not 100% sure I like it, I wasn't planning to fly just ground handle and run the motor up see if anything falls off. My mate did a fly pass and it looked so nice I just hooked up got in the harness went through my checks set the trims and went for it, now as I'm running the 1st thing I have to deal with is a poor old Hare I suddenly stumble over he was off like a shot how I don't run over him is a miracle, wing starts to lift apply slight brake off I go. Climbing out to about 1000ft level off and I'm away 1st real serious flight for what seems ages.

Typically though no camera so no footage but it was one of those mind blowing flights that you get every now and then it wasn't cold or to hot smooth like silk, the good old Moster never missed a beat (its getting on a bit now) and the new Hi-fly prop feels good not to much torque and balanced perfectly after 45mins time to land trimmers in line up almost make it on my feet stumbled just at last moment but nothing to bad.

Cant wait for the next one now, need to tidy a few bits up still fuel line needs replacing but hey ho back in the air!!!!!!!!

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