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First solo flights


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Had a trip to Hereford this weekend and took the paramotor. Got permission from my farmer friend (Solars hope) and did my first solo flights - no instructors.

Saturday morning was windy, XC said 7-14kts. I probably took off in about 10 kts, Reverse launch, two steps and take off. Flew into the wind, but wasnt making much progress; but it wasnt really bumpy so did a few circuits over the valley and landed back in the field. Pleased as punch! :D

Second flight was on sunday morning, I got up a bit earlier and went to site. the wind was non existant but I set up anyway.

0950 and the wind picked up a bit, now this was a long take off; Minimal wind and and a slight uphill climb. At what seemed ages I managed to lift up enough to skim over the hedge and I was away. The mission was to fly to Hereford (and back of course.)

I flew from 1000ft-1500ft all the way making process into wind which got slower and slower as the wind picked up a bit. Put out the trimmers and made better progress, tried running obliquely to the wind along the river Wye, over Holmelacy; Hereford was now in site. But this seemed to take ages so started thinking about fuel, I had filled up to 5 ltrs on the bailey V5 but didnt know how long this would last, i reckoned about 2 hrs, but for safety sake though I'd do a few 360s around the area, drop a bit lower and wave to the canoeists.

After that time to head back to sollars hope. I'd already set the go home waypoint on the GPS but didnt really need it as the TV mast was easy to see in the back ground.

It was getting turbulant now, not enough to worry about, but I played with a few thermals on the way back, putting the motor onto idle and thermalling a bit, with the trimmers in.

Back to the farm and there was a paraglider getting out of his car to set up on the hill, so went down and had a look, a quick circle around the mast and a brief wave and hello to the pilot.

Now I'm in the general area, time to play around a bit. Some ridge soaring on the PG site with engine on idle, pushing out from the ridge and reving up to go round again.

id been out for an hour now, probably time to think about landing, so I lost height to fly into the valley to assess the wind; I could just see the windsock I put out but it was saying that I was going to land up hill (just like the take off). I was a bit high so I went round again but thought, why not land above the PG Ridge where its nice and flat.

So a quick circle and set up for landing, wind was good and in I went, hands up, flare, run it off. Two steps and wing was down. right near the gate..

checked the fuel, I had only used 1 1/2 ltrs on the bailey still got 3 left in the tank. I could have made Hereford in the end.. 16mile out and return.

Question to you speedster flyers how are your brakes set up, coz my arms were aching!

point to self - where a long sleeved thermal under the flying suit!

well that was my weekend, cant wait for some more.. I have succeed in achieving my aim of solo flight before my 50th!. Role on next weekend

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Nic how are you?

I have thought of lowering my brakes a few times but I never do because I like the good response. I have to admit the arms do ache after an hour or so. I have a tendency to lodge my thumb or fingers into the risers or just let go. I don't like letting go when thermalling (safety).

I have no solution to date.

Have you had the wing to the mountain yet? I'm 80k and have a 26m (speedster). If you do take it free flying let me know what you think of the glide.

Congrats on the goal!


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ive a 28 and im 85 naked.. the brakes are up to the pully, but that could be the speed/wind blowing the lines back. i was flying quite actively as thats what im used to. perhaps with trims out and weight shifting i could have a rest on longer flights.. maybe put it in auto pilot. i might let them out a bit and take a wrap on landing..

i'll let u know how it glides on the hill


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I have the ABM on the mini so I use weight shift all the time. I also do allot of lowdown slalom type things so I have not lowered them. I have a tendency to grab the top of the brake for even more response.

You can drop them one handle length really easy. I did this on the Dudek. Drop them down one handle length then when you need this back just grab the top of the handle.

Next time your landing take your hands out of the brakes and grab the top of the brakes. The flare is amazing tip toe touch every time.



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