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Starting training soon!

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Hello from South Florida. Been in the state for over 22 years. Have a private pilot certificate but haven't flown in a long time except simulators which I try to do at least 4 to 5 times a week online, which is pretty fun.

Been doing a lot of research on getting into PPG, the main reason is the freedom that you must feel while shutting the engine down and just gliding and gliding. I think this is the closest thing you can get to natural flying . To tell you the truth the research was a lot of fun but at the same time frustrating reading and watching videos of so many people telling you that their stuff and their training is the best thing there is. Was also a victim of Dell's videos as I think he pretty much have so many on youtube that no matter what type of search you do on PPG, you are bound to find him somewhere. At the beginning I was inclined into getting more information from the u-turn website and getting a flat top ninja but to tell you the truth I got so annoyed watching Dell's arrogance and zero respect for rules that I decided to bypass u-turn altogether, then I saw a video of him kicking an owl and that over filled the cup, this guy have no respect for nature and that is the main reason I am joining the community of PPG, to appreciate and enjoy nature from a closer perspective.

With that out of the way I kept doing research and decided to train with Eric Dufour and it looks that I will be training in Canada in the next few weeks for 7-10 days. The equipment that I am planning on getting is the Air Conception Ultra 130 with electric and pull starter and clutch driven prop. It is not the cheapest setup but I was able to save a little more than I was anticipating and want it to get something I will enjoy and keep for a long time. Also I was looking into a very light unit as I am a short person at 5'3" and 135lbs.

I have spent many hours in the forum reading all the great articles you have. I know the majority of you are from non-USA but I know PPG is the same over there than over here with some exceptions but I am sure I will learn from you guys. Peace!

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Hey, what a great introduction.

It's good that you escaped the Dell trap, Eric Dufour is a good instructor from what I have read, enjoy your time training with him.

This is by far the best PPG site, bar none. If you have any questions ask away, there is a wealth of knowledge with the members on here.

I did my initial training in the UK and now fly in an aeronautical friendly environment, so I hope you get to find the same.

Peace to you too,



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