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Anyone tried an Ozone Buzz Z4?


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Thinking about getting a new wing, and need one that is safe (ENA/B), and is good for both PPG and PG.

Yes, I know I'll be slower than my mates, but being a family man safety is top priority.

The Z4 seems to be a big step up in performance from the Z3, I'm wondering if this would be ok for ppg.

Anyone tried a Z4 + PPG ?

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Unfortunately the 28m revo2 is not certified (never has been).

The roadster is also a good choice for a lot of people but for me at 145kg on a 125cc engine, I'm afraid 28m will be too small.

Thanks for the suggestions tho.

Beginning to think ENC is unavoidable.


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Yeah, oscillation was what I was afraid of.

Perhaps the Buzz Z4 still an option then.

The Buzz Z4 when 10kg over the placard weight is probably an ENC anyway!

I have 20 hours PG and 100 Hours PPG.

Really need two wings dammit!

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Hi do you weigh 145 ? or does it include the motor ? My naked weight in 2008 was 145 kg and I flew the Eden 3 , 33 m and I used a PAP Ros 125 no problem over , I flew well over100 hours on the wing no collapses at all , a mate of mine weighed 135 kg and he flew the Eden 3, 31 m and he flew it for 3 years , nice for free flying as well .

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